Eyelash Extensions

 *NEW*  Volume Lashes Full Set 2D-6D – 190       Volume Lash Fill – 65     The NEW volume lash procedure is the use of between 2-6 lashes per natural lash to create more of a fuller dramatic look. The lashes are very thin in diameter, they are easily layered on the natural lashes without causing more weight. This procedure takes more lashes and a longer application time. 1.5-2hrs

Synthetic Mink – Natural Full Set – 150  |  Lash Fill – 45     

Siberian Mink  - Natural Full Set – 170  |  Lash Fill – 55 

Lash Touch-up (3/4 of lashes still intact) – 30

Lash Repair (Removal of unwanted lashes and applying Lotus Lashes) – 160    Mink – 190   Please email info@lotusspa.ca for more information on which service is best for you

Lash Removal – 30     

First Time Fills- 100 -  If you already have a set of lashes on from elsewhere, and are looking to fill with any type of Lotus Lashes, the first time charge will be $100. Fills following the initial appointment will be at regular price ($45-$60).

*Note: No show or failure to cancel your scheduled appointment within the same day will result in a 50% charge of the service booked.

Eyelash extensions are the craze of hollywood! Creating either natural length and fullness or extreme length and fullness for a more dramatic look I can tailor to whatever your preferences are. Certified through En Vogue Lashes. 2 Hours


Lotus Spa Lash Extensions AmherstbergWhat are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent individual extensions comprised of synthetic eyelashes that curve to replicate a real eyelash. They come in a variety of lengths and are applied to the individual lash, one at a time to create a natural, elegant look lengthening the lashes and creating more fullness. The adhesive used is odorless, very safe and developed specifically for this procedure, for the eye area. MSDS sheet available if needed.


The extensions will look very real and natural because each application suits the preferences of the individual. Sizes in lashes ranges from 9mm to 15mm in length.  (For reference, most natural lashes are between 7-10mm)


Eyelash extensions are not damaging if they are done correctly. The weight of a lash extension is the same as a human lash therefore you will not be able to feel the extensions and they will not cause the natural lash to fall out ahead of the natural cycle.


Women choose to wear eyelash extensions for a variety of reasons. Women with very light blond lashes benefit from extensions as they will darken them and create a more defining and eye opening look. Whether you want a very dramatic look or a very natural look, all goals can be reached. You will see the amount of time saved in your beauty routine resulting from having the extensions.


How do I prepare for my eyelash extension appointment? 

Make sure to come into your appointment with a clean face, free of makeup. No moisturizers (especially around the eye) that contain oils. It is best not to have caffeine before appointment as it may cause eye twitching and a longer application time.


How long will my lash extensions last?

Typically, lash extensions will last anywhere from 2-6 weeks with the proper care. Natural eyelashes go through a cycle that is every 60-90 days. When the lash has grown out and matured it will shed. Typically, you shed about 1-5 lashes per day and it can happen any time. The extensions will fall off with the natural shed of your eyelash and a new lash will have already begun to grow so it is normal if a few fall out in the beginning as those lashes were at the final stage of growth. After noticing your lashes are not as full, this is a good time to make your next appointment for a lash fill.


How long do both applications take?

Full sets take between 1-2.5 hours depending on the individual.

Lash fills typically take 1.5 hours depending on the condition of extensions.


Proper care and Maintenance

It is advised to not get the eyelashes wet for 12 hours, preferably 24. No steam, pools, or saunas for the first 2 days. After each initial appointment you will receive an eyelash comb to brush through lashes every morning, as they may have become tangled from sleeping. No products that contain oils, oil-free makeup removers will work best. It is not recommended to wear mascara on lash extensions, if mascara is preferred, just apply on tips of extensions.  You will receive a set of these care guidelines after initial appointment.


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